Water Testing

The Manawatu District Council provides a water sampling kit for private domestic water supplies and commercial food businesses. If you think that your water maybe making you or your family unwell with tummy bugs you can call us to request a water sampling kit.

Check to see if costs apply to this service refer to Environmental Health Fees and Charges.

Once we have received the request for a sampling kit, you can choose to collect or we will post out a water sampling kit with instructions on how to take the sample. It is your responsibility to get this to the lab for testing within 6 hours of sampling (up to 24 hours for chilled samples).

We usually receive the results from the laboratory within 24 hours - 5 days of the water sample being tested, E. coli is a good indicator of contamination. If the test shows that there is E. coli present, then this indicates that the water is contaminated, we will contact you to provide information on how you can treat your water with household bleach.

The Ministry of Health website has information on design and maintenance for Household Water Supplies and Water Contamination Events.

Frequently Asked Questions

My water tastes funny, is it contaminated?

The sampling kit will only test for E.coli to see if there may be other bacteria present and may not be linked to the taste and odour problems you are experiencing. We only test for microbiological contamination.

I think the water is making our family sick, what do I do?

You may need to call Healthline or see your doctor. Boil or purchase water for drinking and making baby formula until your water is safe for you and your family to drink.

I live in town, can I get my water tested?

We will only provide sampling kits to test your water if you are not on a reticulated supply. Town supplies are tested and monitored to meet the Drinking water Standards NZ (Revised 2018).