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Paying Your Rates

Manawatu District Council offers several ways you can pay your invoices. We offer direct debit and credit card or you can also use your bank's internet or mobile banking facility or pay in our office.

Rates for the 2021/22 period are as follows:

Instalment Invoice Date Payment Due Date Penalty Date
One 2 August 2021 27 August 2021 1 September 2021
Two 15 November 2021 10 December 2021 15 December 2021
Three 1 February 2022 25 February 2022 2 March 2022
Four 2 May 2022 27 May 2022 1 June 2022

Late payment penalties

  • A 10% penalty will be added (on the penalty date as set out in the table above) to the unpaid balance of an instalment that is not paid by the due date (on the payment due date in the table above).
  • A 10% penalty will be added on 7 July 2021 to any unpaid rates from previous financial years that remains unpaid on 6 July 2020. Another 10% will be added on 14 January 2022 to any unpaid rates from previous financial years that remains unpaid on 13 January 2022.

If annual rates are paid in full by 10 December 2021, any penalty charged for instalment one will be reversed.

All payments received will be allocated to the oldest rates outstanding.

Paying by Direct Debit

Paying your invoice by direct debit is easy and convenient - choose a frequency that suits you. It also eliminates the risk of incurring penalties for late payment. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer services Team on 06 323 0000, or email us.

Direct debit payment options include:

  • Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly - Council will deduct the required amount from your nominated bank account on your chosen date
  • By Instalment - The amount of the instalment due will be debited from your nominated bank account on the instalment due date.
  • Annually - This option takes your full yearly amount of rates out on the second instalment due date and allows you to take advantage of having the instalment one penalty remitted.

How to set up direct debit

Print out and complete a direct debit form (195KB pdf), then send it to us at:

Manawatu District Council
Private Bag 10001
Feilding 4743

Or you can email us, and we will send you a form.

Once we've received and processed your direct debit application, you’ll receive a letter confirming your bank account details, commencement date and frequency of your payments.

Your rates invoice will inform you of your rates balance and the rates due dates.

On payment days, the agreed amount will be automatically deducted from your nominated bank account. All transactions will show on your bank statements.

We will amend the amounts debited from your account each year as the rates change to ensure that your rates are paid by the end of the rating year; you don’t need to do a thing. We’ll notify you of all rates changes in advance via your rates invoice.

Changing your direct debit

Once you are set up on direct debit, you can make changes by contacting us. The most common reasons for altering direct debits are:

  • Change of bank account - even if only the suffix details are changing, a new direct debit form needs to be completed, signed and sent to us, no later than two working days before the next payment is due.
  • Cancelling a direct debit - contact us no later than four working days before the next payment is due.
  • Changing the frequency of your payments - contact us and we can set up a new direct debit.

Paying by Cash or EFTPOS

Council Offices, 135 Manchester Street, Feilding

Pay in person at the above address by cash, EFTPOS or credit card and a receipt will be issued. You can also leave your payment in a drop-box. A receipt will not be posted out to you unless the full instalment notice is left and you specifically request a receipt.


Our bank will no longer accept cheques from 25 June 2021.

Credit Card

You can pay most Manawatu District Council invoices by Visa, Mastercard or account2account using the form below (dog registrations and water billing will be added at a later date).

Please note: you will be charged an additional 1.5% credit card fee if paying by credit card. Manawatu District Council does not receive any part of this fee.

Click here to pay an invoice by credit card.

Online Banking

If you do not want to use a credit card, you can use online banking. We can be found in the search facility (enter "Manawatu" and select the best option) on your Bank payment page. If you prefer here is our account number BNZ: 02 0628 0040024 00.

If you are paying dog registration use this this account BNZ: 02 0628 0040024 02

When making a payment online, it is important that you use the correct reference details, so that we can assign the payment to you. The valuation number relates to the property, so if you sell and purchase a new property, the valuation number needs to be changed before you next pay rates.