LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:03/06/2024
Date Responded:09/07/2024
Requested Information:Details about Wapiti Avenue and Mt Taylor wastewater issues

The answers to your questions are below; 

  • What were the standards for the wastewater when 60 Wapiti Avenue was built in 2017 (please provide a copy of these) and please provide a copy of the sign off. 

The standards for the pressure sewer were supplied to Council by the Developer, the details of which are included in the two files in this link – link

  • What oversight did MDC have on the private installations across the Mt Taylor subdivision including ours at no 60 Wapiti Ave? 
    All private installations were subject to the Building Consent process, and subsequent sign-off. 


  • When were the first issues anywhere in Wapiti Avenue reported to council? 

10 October 2014 


  • When was the first notification to council of an issue at N0 60 Wapiti Ave? 

15 February 2023 


  • What surety does MDC have that the town system itself is not allowing ground water/storm water ingress? 
    The sewer system for Mt Taylor is a pressure sewer system. This means that the ‘town system’ is maintained at a positive pressure which means that ground water and stormwater cannot enter the system. The only locations where any water can enter the systems is through the pump station connections.  


  • What is MDC’s specification or best practice for sealing urban fresh water works, sewers and storm water systems, to prevent leakage or ground water ingress and contamination. 
    And has that changed in the last 8 years? 

All of Council’s 3 Waters networks are designed and constructed not to allow ingress, or not to leak. As assets age (or are exposed to external forces) parts and components of these networks will fail and require either repair or replacement. Council has dedicated staff and contractors to undertake this work as it arises. 

There has been little or no change in the way this work is managed over the last 8 years.  

  • How many homes was the wastewater system at time of original installation designed for? 

There have been 2 resource consents (see above link) for the Mt Taylor development and the plans show an anticipated 298 lots and approximately 215 have been built to date.