Community Facilities Strategy

The Community Facilities Strategy provides the strategic direction for Council over the next 30+ years and for inclusion in the 10 Year Plan 2021-2031. It provides a clear vision for the future of our community facilities and a roadmap on how we can get there. This strategy will provide the consistency required for our decision making and management of community facilities. It will also provide information on what we need to think about, we are looking to upgrade an existing or develop a new community facility, as well as facilities’ divestment.

How It Works

The Strategy acts as a tool to assist decisions on the planning of provision and distribution of community facilities. The aim is to provide a ‘fit-for-purpose’ network throughout the Manawatū District. The Strategy is split into three parts:

  • Part 1: Strategic Framework - sets out the vision and goals we are working towards to have a great network of community facilities in our District. This framework also highlights all the points you need to think about for future investment/divestment in community facilities.
  • Part 2: Sub-Plans - the community facilities have been grouped into six sub-plans, each has an overall aim, goals, objectives and actions specific to that facility type. These plans do not replace the need for more detailed site-specific research and analysis during project development.
  • Part 3: Community Tool Box – provides Council and Community with decision-making guidelines and additional information about the Strategy if you want to know more. These can be found at the back of each of the sub-plans.

Download all related parts below: