Confirmation of memberships for council's standing committees

At its Council meeting on Thursday 17 November, Manawatū District Council confirmed the memberships for its standing committees.

These committees are specialised in their focus which helps to streamline discussions and allows members to get into more details than if they were just in regular council meetings.

The committees report back to the whole of council through minutes that go through an approval process.

Below are the details of who the members of each committee is and the people who are appointed to Chair and Deputy Chair positions.



Deputy Chair


Audit and Risk Committee

Cr Stuart Campbell

John Fowke (external)

Cr’s Lara Blackmore, Grant Hadfield, Colin McFadzean, Alison Short, and the Mayor

Chief Executive’s Employment Committee

Cr Grant Hadfield


All councillors and the Mayor

Creative Communities Assessment Committee

Joe McMenamin (external)

Alicia McLachlan (external)

Sue James (external), Ben Caldwell (external), Kim Savage (external), and Cr’s Kerry Quigley and Alison Short

District Development Committee

Cr Michael Ford


Cr’s Bridget Bell, Steve Bielski, Lara Blackmore, Michael Ford, Colin McFadzean, Andrew Quarrie, Kerrie Quigley, Alison Short, Fiona Underwood and the Mayor

Hearings Committee

Cr Alison Short

Cr Michael Ford

Cr’s Bridget Bell, Grant Hadfield, Andrew Quarrie and Fiona Underwood