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It's time to Make Your Mark on Manawatū

Election packs will start arriving in mailboxes from today (16 September), which means it’s time to Make Your Mark on Manawatū!

The local elections take place from Friday 16 September until noon on Saturday 8 October, which means that there’s no excuses not to get your vote cast.

Voting gives you the power to choose who represents you around the council table. It's an elected member's job to make decisions about funding and what projects Manawatū District Council focus on.

Whether you’re a nature lover, culture vulture, eco-adopter or engineering-guru, the work of council affects everyone and your vote will make a true difference in the development of Manawatū.

Don’t leave the designing the future up to someone else!

The easiest way to get your votes in on time is to seal it in the return envelope that comes with your voting pack and pop it in your closest mailbox for free.

Alternatively, you can drop your completed voting pack into our Manchester Street office's reception area. We have a dedicated locked drop box for voting packs and you can drop it in up until 12:00pm Saturday 8 October.

If for whatever reason you don't receive your voting pack at your address, e.g. it's been lost in the post, eaten by snails, drowned by the rain etc, don't worry, you can still vote. You'll need to contact our Deputy Electoral Officer and they will support you to exercise a Special Vote in time for your vote to count.

Make it count, and get your vote in.