Dog Prohibited Places


Click here to view a zoomable, clickable map showing all of the dog prohibited and exercise areas in the district.

Prohibited Public Places

Dogs are prohibited in the following public places:


  • The Feilding Central Business District as described and mapped in Schedule 3 of the Dog Control Bylaw 2019 (PDF file, 1.2 MB), when organised events are on.
  • South Street - skate park
  • Kowhai Park - the entire park except for the Dog on Leash Area and the Dog Exercise Area as mapped in Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Bylaw 2019 (PDF file, 1.2 MB).
  • Victoria Park - playing fields
  • Vista Drive - children’s playground
  • Timona Park - entire area of children’s playground, and the playing fields
  • Makino Park - entire park area
  • Johnston Park - playing fields


  • Dundas Road - from Burt Street to Cemetery Road
  • Sanson Domain - when used for organised events

Himatangi Beach

  • Beach - All parts of the foreshore within 400 metres of the mouth of the Kaikokopu Stream, except that dogs on a Leash may pass through the area to any undesignated area
  • Children’s playground - entire area


  • Kimbolton Domain - entire area
  • Kimbolton Reserve - entire area

Other Places

  • Mt Lees Reserve - entire area including bush walk
  • Totara Reserve Regional Park - the entire area including camping ground and bush walks
  • Coles Bush - entire area
  • Halcombe Domain - children’s play area
  • Te Kawau Park, Rongotea - children’s playground
  • Recreation St, Tangimoana - children’s playground
  • Beaconsfield Domain (old school grounds)


(All Council-controlled cemeteries in the District)

  • Feilding Cemetery
  • Halcombe Cemetery
  • Kimbolton Cemetery
  • Pohangina Cemetery
  • Rongotea Cemetery
  • Sanson Cemetery
  • Waituna West Cemetery
  • Rangiwahia Cemetery