Dog Prohibited Places


Click here to view an interactive map showing all of the dog prohibited and exercise areas in the district.

Prohibited Public Places

Dogs are prohibited in the following public places:


  • The Feilding Central Business District as described and mapped in Schedule 3 of the Dog Control Bylaw (PDF file, 1.2 MB), when organised events are on.
  • South Street - skate park
  • Kowhai Park - the entire park except for the Dog on Leash Area and the Dog Exercise Area as mapped in Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Bylaw (PDF file, 1.2 MB).
  • Victoria Park - playing fields
  • Vista Drive - children’s playground
  • Timona Park - entire area of children’s playground, and the playing fields
  • Makino Park - entire park area
  • Johnston Park - playing fields


  • Dundas Road - from Burt Street to Cemetery Road
  • Sanson Domain - when used for organised events

Himatangi Beach

  • Beach - All parts of the foreshore within 400 metres of the mouth of the Kaikokopu Stream, except that dogs on a Leash may pass through the area to any undesignated area
  • Children’s playground - entire area


  • Kimbolton Domain - entire area
  • Kimbolton Reserve - entire area

Other Places

  • Mt Lees Reserve - entire area including bush walk
  • Totara Reserve Regional Park - the entire area including camping ground and bush walks
  • Coles Bush - entire area
  • Halcombe Domain - children’s play area
  • Te Kawau Park, Rongotea - children’s playground
  • Recreation St, Tangimoana - children’s playground
  • Beaconsfield Domain (old school grounds)


(All Council-controlled cemeteries in the District)

  • Feilding Cemetery
  • Halcombe Cemetery
  • Kimbolton Cemetery
  • Pohangina Cemetery
  • Rongotea Cemetery
  • Sanson Cemetery
  • Waituna West Cemetery
  • Rangiwahia Cemetery