Rating Valuations

To provide fair, transparent and independent property ratings, the Council uses standard rating valuations which are governed by legislation - the Rating Valuation Act 1998 - and audited by the Office of the Valuer General.

Your Rating Valuation

You will receive a notice of your rating valuation once every three years. Council’s current revaluation was July 2022. The new values will be reflected in your Rates Assessment Notice from the following rating year (commencing 1 July 2023). There is an opportunity for an objection following the revaluation notices being sent to owners.

The main indicator of a property's value is its worth on the current real estate market. The value is determined by looking at the selling price of other similar properties in the area. Any chattels such as carpets, drapes or light fittings are excluded from the valuation.

Information Sheet | Understanding Your Rates Valuation (PDF file, 50.9 KB)

Capital Value

This is the probable price that would be paid for the complete property as at the date of the latest general revaluation. It does not include chattels, stock, crops, machinery or trees. Residential values include GST; other property types do not.

Land Value

This is the probable price that would be paid for the bare land as at the date of valuation. The Land Value includes any development work which may have been carried out, such as draining, excavation, filling, retaining walls, reclamation, grading, levelling, clearing of vegetation, fertility build-up, or protection from erosion or flooding.

Value of Improvements

This is the difference between the capital value and the land value. It reflects the value of the property’s buildings and other structures.

Nature of Improvements

The most common types of these improvements are:

  • DWG - dwelling
  • FLAT - ownership unit/townhouse
  • OB - other buildings
  • OI - other improvements
  • FG - fencing

Section 16 Rating Valuations Act 1998 Review

Section 16 of the Rating Valuations Act 1998 allows property owners to request a new rating valuation from Council's Valuation Service Provider (VSP).

Your request must be supplied to council in writing. A review can only be requested by the property owner.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name
  • Postal address
  • Anytime contact phone number
  • Property address
  • The reason for the review
  • What you feel the rateable value should be

There is a charge for this service.

Please see the brochure below from Quotable Value for further information.

Fact Sheet | Urgent Rating Value Review (PDF file, 257.0 KB)