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  1. Church Street pedestrian Crossing

    A new pedestrian crossing has been installed on Church Street, east of Grey Street. Motorists are advised to be aware of pedestrians using the crossing. Read More...
  2. Feilding Community Committee

    A Public Meeting is being held to discuss whether there is interest in creating a Feilding Community Committee Read More...
  3. Our District News

    For all of our latest news, Our District News is published fortnightly in the Feilding Herald Read More...
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Manawatu District Annual Plan Adopted

The Manawatu District Council has adopted its Annual Plan and confirmed an average rates increase of 4.6% for the year 2016/17.



What does dog registration fees pay for?

For less than $8 a month you get 24/7 service from our Animal Control Officers. Read here to find out a bit more about what services they provide.