Dog Registration

NEW: Online Dog Registration Portal

Visit the link below to register for our new online dog registration service. It will take us a few days to link your online dog registration account with the current information we have on file for you. Once completed, you will be able to log in and renew your dog registration online.

You can also renew your dog registration online without creating a login, but you will have to renew and pay for each dog separately.

Registering Your Dog For The First Time

All dogs must be registered by the age of three months. You are then required to renew your dog's registration by 1 July each year. It is up to the dog owner to apply for registration without first being invoiced.

Every Territorial Authority keeps a register of all dogs registered within its area. This data is also recorded on the National Dog Database.

Note: The National Dog Database is a government-based system and is not linked to the Companion Animal Register.

You can register your dog online or come in to the Manawatu District Council Office at 135 Manchester Street, Feilding during business hours to complete an application form and pay the registration fee.

To register online you will need to complete an Application to Register a Dog Form and email through to Once the application has been received our team will contact you with the fee that applies to register your dog.

Application to Register a Dog (PDF file, 274.6 KB)

To register your dog you'll need:

  • To know what breed your dog is
  • Its age, colour and sex
  • Whether it has been neutered (de-sexed) including any certificates to prove this
  • Whether it has been microchipped including any certificates to confirm the microchip number
  • Name of the dog
  • Any previous registration details, either under the name of a previous owner or with another council.

If you register a puppy for the first time part way through the registration year, you'll be charged a proportion of the annual registration fee based on when your puppy turned three months.

Renewing Your Dog’s Registration

You must renew your dog registration before 1 July each year.

If your dog is currently registered with us we'll send you a renewal notice in early June to remind you to renew your registration. Renewal notices are sent by post. If you have moved address, it is your responsibility to let us know so we can update your details and send your renewal notice to the correct address.

Payments can be made in person at our Manawatu District Council Office at 135 Manchester Street, Feilding or by internet banking to our dogs bank account 02 0628 0040024 02.

Please use your Owner ID as reference which is located at the top of your Dog Registration Renewal Notice.

Be sure to quote the right reference number to ensure your payment is allocated to the correct account. Payments made without a suitable reference may result in a delay issuing your registration tags.

If you have made your registration payment online please email a signed copy of your registration notice so we can confirm your details, we will post out your registration tag within 10 working days of receiving payment.

If You Don't Register Your Dog

If you don't register your dog, you could be issued an infringement and your dog may be seized and impounded. All impounding and registration fees will need to be paid in full before we can release your dog.

Change Of Details

If you have had your dog de-sexed, your dog has died, have rehomed your dog or moved address please advise Council using the declaration form below. It is your responsibility to let us know so we can update your details.

Dog Details Update Form (DOCX file, 239.0 KB)

Registration Tag

Your dog must be wearing its allocated tag for the current year when in public. If your dog registration tag goes missing or gets damaged, you can purchase a replacement in person at our Manawatu District Council Office at 135 Manchester Street, Feilding or by emailing our team at

There is a $4 fee for a replacement dog tag. Tags can only be purchased to replace lost or unusable tags and must be worn by the dog registered to that tag. Misuse of registration tags may result in an infringement under the Dog Control Act 1996.

Registration Fees

Dog registration fees are set annually and apply from 1 July to 30 June of each year.

Fees and Charges

What Your Registration Fees Are Used For

Your dog registration fees help to fund a range of services that are designed to help dogs, their owners and the wider community. The fees and charges help to pay for our animal services activities including:

  • Providing and maintaining facilities for the care, welfare and return of lost, stray, impounded or seized dogs
  • Investigation, monitoring and resolution of dog issues such as nuisance (barking and roaming), aggressive dogs (rushings and attacks)
  • Monitoring and enforcement of the Dog Control Act, Council Bylaws and Policy
  • Installation and maintenance of doggy doo bins and doggy doo bag holders
  • Friendly and professional advice to dog owners, our community and visitors
  • Dog education programs
  • Patrolling public areas, reserves, parks, sports fields and signage in public all aimed at public education, safety and where required enforcement takes place
  • Standard overheads associated with animal control vehicles, technology, facilities, administration, record keeping of dogs required by central government (including the updating of the National Dog Database), staff costs, management etc.