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Please note: the 2022 funding round is now closed.

Why does this fund exist?

Council wants to support the implementation of the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan by allocating waste levy funding to the community to increase the scale, range and number of waste minimisation activities in the Manawatū district.


The following timeline applies for all grant applications:

3 October 2022, 8amApplication Opening Date
31 October 2022, 4pmApplication Closing Date
November 2022Council acknowledgement of applications by email
November 2022 Additional questions asked of applicants (as required)
Funding decisions made by Waste Levy Grant Assessment Panel
December 2022Applicants notified of outcome

What will be funded?

In line with the Waste Levy Grants Allocation Policy (PDF file, 170.8 KB), Council will fund:

  • Projects, initiatives or programmes which demonstrate promotion or achievement of waste minimisation by promoting a circular economy for waste, and/or by supporting reuse, recycle and recover principles.
  • Projects, initiatives or programmes partially or wholly taking place within the boundaries of the Manawatū District

Funded projects, initiatives or programmes include but are not limited to:

  • educational or behavioural change approaches that promote waste minimisation activity to the public or a particular target audience;
  • infrastructure that helps divert resources from landfill;
  • projects focused on understanding existing waste quantities and composition, behaviour or economic incentives, as a precursor to effectively reducing waste and/or increasing reuse, recycling and recovery of waste materials;
  • design of product stewardship schemes or other solutions that promote and achieve waste minimisation;
  • other initiatives that contribute to the actions and strategic priorities of the Manawatū District Council Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

How much funding is available?

The total amount available for the 2022 funding round is $29,000 (excl).

Financial Details

If you're registered for GST, do not include GST in your costs.

Attach quotes and any other supporting documentation to your application. Two quotes are required for the purchase of equipment.

If your application is successful and you don't already have a bank account for your project, you'll need to open a bank account for your group. Once we've received your deposit slip, we'll be able to transfer the funds to your account.

Accountability Requirements

The conditions of receiving funding are:

  • Manawatū District Council must be acknowledged as a partner and funder and be acknowledged as a separate entry within the organisation’s accounts or in the organisation’s annual report.
  • Recipients of Waste Not Want Not funding will be required to submit an accountability report to the Manawatū District Council that reports against funding criteria.
  • Accountability reports will be required to be submitted at 6- monthly and 12-monthly intervals during the funding term.
  • Recipients of Waste Not Want Not funding for one off projects or initiatives will be required to submit an accountability report within two-months of completion.

Funding Categories & Application Forms

Click on each category below to read about the criteria, and to see which suits your application best.

Application forms are also provided on each category page.

Please note: the 2022 funding round is now closed.