Bin Clips

The Manawatū District council is rolling out bin clips for wheelie bins in the Manawatū. All Feilding residents with recycling bins will be receiving bin clips with the rollout beginning on Monday 10 October 2022.

How to get your bin clip

To ensure that clips can be distributed, residents must put their bins out on their scheduled days. It’s anticipated most residents will have their clip by the second week of November. Any residents that don’t receive a clip after the rollout has been completed (i.e. They’re away and can’t put the bin out for collection) can come and collect theirs from Council. They're easily fitted and can prevent rubbish and recycling from escaping in the event your bin gets blown over.

Cartoon of a monster trying to escape a wheelie with a bin clip on the lid.

How to use your bin clip

We encourage you to use your bin clips to stop your rubbish from escaping if your bin is blown over. They’re easy to use and easy to install.  The clever clips are self-releasing when the bin is tipped into the truck.

Check out our guide below on how to use and install them!

Image with step by step instructions on how to use your bin clips 1. running it under water 2. putting it through the handle of the bin 3. pulling the clip up 4. looping it through the hole and pulling it tight 5. pull the bin clip downwards 6. clip it on to the lip of the bin 7. there won't be anything falling our of your bin if it tips over while the bin clip is on it.

We will start installing your bin clips on the week of the 10th of October. We will install your bin clip when you put your wheelie bin out for rubbish collection. To ensure that clips can be distributed, residents must ensure that their bins are out on their scheduled days. It’s anticipated most residents will have a clip by the second week of November.

If you haven't received your bin clip by mid-November, then pop into our council reception and pick one up.

Sometimes our wheelie bins can tip over and make a mess. We don't want litter blowing around our gorgeous district, so these new clips ensure your lid will stay shut if they get tipped over or are subjected to the crazy weather that we sometimes get here in the Manawatū.

The hope is that you will use your bin clip to stop your rubbish from escaping. The more you use, the less likely it is that you’re rubbish will escape!

You can install your bin clips by looping them through the handle of your wheelie bin and they will then clip onto the lip of your bin. They will stop the lid of your bin from flying open.

While your bin doesn’t need to be full, the weight of your rubbish will help the bin clip to release. So, we recommend having it over half full if you are going to be putting your wheelie bin out.

Consultation on bin clips was included in our Waste Minimisation Plan which was approved in early 2022. The first phase of the district rollout starts in Feilding from Monday 10 October. This is our first phase of the district-wide plan, which will be followed by further phases and options that we will look into.