Community Funding Requests Projects

One of Council’s roles is to provide funding for initiatives that benefit the community. Council has a range of contestable funds to which community groups can apply. Information on these funds can be found here.

Each year, Council receives requests for community funding that sit outside the criteria for the contestable funds. These requests are considered during the 10 Year Plan or Annual Plan budgeting process. Council has agreed to fund the following projects for 2022/23:

Anglican Parish of Ōroua Footbridge between St. John’s Anglican Church and Victoria Park

Amount = $4,663

The ditch between the church and Victoria Park is used for general access to the park, evacuation routes, and access to a defibrillator located at the church. A small bridge will make this route safer and more accessible.

Kimbolton Community Committee Kimbolton Cemetery – off road parking

Amount = $15,849

Mourners are struggling to find a safe place to park while visiting the cemetery, and the committee requested an offroad parking area. This project is already included in the 10 Year Plan.

Rongotea Community Committee Seed funding for Rongotea Skate Park

Amount = $10,000

A group of youth from Rongotea have petitioned the Community Committee for a skate park. The Committee will seek third party funding for this project however seed funding from Council will support their fundraising efforts and indicate its support of the project. Council encourages youth involvement in community decision making, and is pleased to support the proposed skate park by providing seed funding.