Mangakino Flowpark

Budget: $600,000

Timeline: 1 Jan - 1 July 2020

Status: Completed

The Mangakino Flowpark was completed in July 2020 and has become a popular hangout place for many young people.

Previously, the land the flowpark is on used to be where the detention ponds for the Makino Aquatic Centre was. Several different suggestions had been put forward by the community as to what the land could be used for, but  with the popularity of skating being so high, Council decided a skate park would be the best option.

The park was designed by Rich Landscapes, Makion Leisure and Flow Group, and our parks and property team, with input from local skaters and BMXers. The park build itself was done by Angus McMillan Concrete, with landcsaping work done by Wayne Ellery and Recreational Services.

The name Mangakino was gifted to Council for the park by mana whenua Ngāti Kauwhata. Mangakino is what Ngāti Kauwhata call the Makino Stream.

The reason why it is called a flowpark and not just a skate park is because it is open to other users such as scooters, BMXers and roller bladers.

The flowpark was finished under time and on budget.