Owning A Dog Responsibly

Being a considerate resident includes being a responsible dog owner.

What are my responsibilities as a dog owner?

In addition to registering your dog, you need to ensure your dog is:

  • Well cared for (provided with food, water and shelter, care and attention)
  • Kept under control at all times
  • Does not cause a nuisance to neighbours, other people or traffic
  • Does not harm or threaten to harm any person, animal, poultry or other bird, or wildlife

Below are some of the issues around dogs and ownership:

  • Barking
  • Roaming
  • Aggression (rushing/attack)
  • Welfare
  • Kennelling

How can I minimise the risk of my dog attacking someone?

Up to 77% of dog attacks come from a family dog or a friend's dog. Educating yourself and your children of a dog's body language and other signs a dog may be in distress could help prevent an attack before it occurs.

Find more information at StopThe77.com

What if someone’s dog causes a nuisance or is a problem?

You may wish to speak to the owner first – particularly if they are your neighbours – as this may help foster better relationships in the future.

If you do not feel confident about this or have previously spoken with the dog owner, contact the Council on 06 323 0000 with your complaint. Your full name, address and contact number will also be required. Complainants’ names will not be released by the Council. Your complaint will be investigated as soon as practicable by an Animal Control Officer and you will be notified about the outcome.