Alcohol Licensing Fees

Fees are set by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (fees) Regulations 2013, effective 18 December 2013.

The fees for the alcohol licensing system involves assessing the risk that an operation might create, including the type of premises, the hours of operation and any enforcement issues over the past 18 months.

Further details of the assessment criteria of risks can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice website.

A premises’ fee category determines the application and annual fees that the licensee has to pay.

Please note: an additional fee will be charged if paying by credit card or paywave. Manawatu District Council does not receive any part of this fee.

Fee DescriptionFee ($)
Risk fee category
Very lowApplication fee* (total amount payable by applicant)368.00
 Annual fee (total amount payable by licensee)161.00
LowApplication fee* (total amount payable by applicant)609.50
 Annual fee (total amount payable by licensee)391.00
MediumApplication fee* (total amount payable by applicant)816.50
 Annual fee (total amount payable by licensee)632.50
HighApplication fee* (total amount payable by applicant)1,023.50
 Annual fee (total amount payable by licensee)1,035.00
Very highApplication fee* (total amount payable by applicant)1,207.50
 Annual fee (total amount payable by licensee)1,437.50
*applies to applications for new licences, renewals of licences and variations to licences (including a redefinition of licensed premises)
Fees payable for other applications
Manager’s certificate application316.25
Temporary authority296.70
Temporary licence296.70
Appeal to Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA)517.50
Extract of register (ARLA or District licensing Committee)57.50
Permanent Club Charter (annual fee due on 30 June of each year and paid to ARLA)632.50
Special licence application fees
One or two events covered by the licence that are of a ‘small size’63.25
Three to 12 events covered by the licence that are of a ‘small size’, or one to three events that are of a ‘medium size’207.00
All other special licences, including licences for events that are  of a ‘large size’, 13 or more events that are of ‘small size’, or four or more events that are of ‘medium size’575.00