Business Waste Reduction Category

This category exists to encourage businesses within the Manawatū District to implement measures that will lead to long term and measurable minimisation of the waste resulting from the businesses’ operations.

Applications in this category can be made for up to 50% of total project costs.

Applications in the Business Waste Reduction category will be assessed against the following key criteria:

  1. The project will lead to long term and measurable waste minimisation;
  2. The project proposal shows how success will be measured in terms of waste reduction. Success must be quantifiable and reported back to the Council;
  3. The project proposal provides an estimate of cost savings resulting from the project, if any. Priority will be given to projects where expected savings are not sufficient to cover project costs;
  4. A comprehensive budget that:
    1. Gives details of the estimated costs and funding sources;
    2. Includes all costs, not just the costs the applicant is seeking a waste levy grant for;
    3. Is accurate in all budget calculations and projections.

WNWNF - Business Waste Reduction Category