Innovation Category

This category exists to provide seed funding to encourage innovation and partnership by individuals, community groups and organisations in the creation of opportunities for waste minimisation and economic development.

Applications in the Innovation category will be assessed against the following key criteria:

  1. Evidence that access to necessary waste streams is secured;
  2. Assumptions around waste stream costs, projected revenue, current and projected operating costs and end-use markets;
  3. Provision for contingencies and structured response to rising waste resource costs and/or end-use market failure;
  4. Estimates of performance post Council or other subsidy (will the project become selfsustaining);
  5. Estimates of the scale of performance in terms of waste minimisation, and proposed methodology to measure this;
  6. Clear indication of benefit to the local and/or regional economy, to the wider Manawatū District community, and the environment;
  7. A comprehensive budget that:
    1. Gives details of the estimated costs and funding sources;
    2. Includes all costs, not just the costs the applicant is seeking a waste levy grant for;
    3. Is accurate in all budget calculations and projections.
  8. For pilot programmes and trials an outline of:
    1. a programme and process for testing;
    2. a programme for business development of the end product/results of the project/trial.

WNWNF - Innovation Category