Change Of Ownership

A ratepayer is the person who is named in the rating information database and the District valuation roll as owning the property. This must be the name of the person/s on the certificate of title. It is a legal requirement to inform Council of any change of ownership.

Notice of Change of Ownership Must Be Sent to Council in the Following Situations

  • Change of Ownership due to sale or will - The purchaser’s solicitor fills out the Notice of change of ownership and sends it to the vendor/seller's solicitor, who then forwards it to Council. This a legal requirement.
  • Change of Ownership due to death.
  • To remove a person’s name from the rate account (for example, one person takes over the property instead of joint ownership).
  • Change of name by marriage, reverting to maiden name or by deed poll.
  • Change to Trust.
  • Change of Tenant (lessee registered on the Certificate of Title) - a lessee can only become a ratepayer under certain conditions, including a minimum lease period of ten years.
  • Change of company name.

Property Sales and Subdivisions

If you have sold a property, and a subsequent search of the rating database shows this has not been reflected, or if you have an invoice arrive in your name, it would indicate that a Notice of Sale has not been received by the Council. It is the responsibility of your solicitor to ensure that Notice of Sale is issued. If this has not been done, you should contact your solicitor immediately.

Payment of this year’s rates is your responsibility, although you may be entitled to reimbursement (via the settlement) from the new owner for their period of occupation.

If you have recently subdivided your property, payment of the full year's rates in the original property is your responsibility. Your solicitor will calculate any reimbursement to you via the settlement.

Rates are a charge on the land; therefore, liability for the payment of arrears of rates transfers to the new owner of the property. If you have recently purchased this property, and arrears appear on the rates notice, it is in your interest to ensure they are paid immediately. Please contact the previous owner or advise your solicitor.