Lifetime Tags & Doggone

Manawatū District Council is proud to be offering new sustainable lifetime dog registration tags, made of recycled material. By eliminating the need for annual tag replacements, these eco-friendly tags help to reduce our environmental footprint. We recommend dogs do not wear a metal tag alongside its dog registration tag to prevent any potential rubbing.

These innovative tags are paired with Doggone's exclusive and secure text reunite service, offering the ultimate in peace of mind. Council is offering this service to dog owners at no cost as part of 2024's dog registration.

How does Doggone's secure text reunite service work?

In the unfortunate event of a dog becoming lost, reuniting them is made simple. Anyone who finds a lost dog can easily follow the instructions on its registration tag and free-text its tag number to 4133. This simple action sends the finder an immediate link to the owner’s chosen contact number, enabling a quick and safe reunite. In cases where the owner opts not to share their phone number, the Manawatū District Council’s phone number will be provided instead.

Managing your information through the Doggone app

Through the Doggone app, dog owners gain access to a secure profile for their pets. Here, they can update ownership or dog information, including phone numbers - an invaluable tool for times when someone else is caring for their furry friend. Additionally, the 'Notes for Finder' section allows owners to share vital information about their dog, ensuring appropriate care until it’s reunited. Any changes made through the app take effect instantly.

The app offers reminders for essential tasks such as vaccinations, worming, and even the dog's birthday, helping owners stay on top of their pet's care routine.

For any questions or assistance, please visit Doggone’s official website, or contact Council on 06 323 0000 or Doggone’s dedicated customer support team at 0800 321 111.

To learn how the text reunite service works, please watch their quick instructional video.