Community Category

This category exists to support practical waste minimisation projects, initiatives or programmes that encourage community participation and education and/or are of benefit to the community of the Manawatū District.

Applications in the Community category will be assessed against the following key criteria:

  1. Will lead to long term waste minimisation actions and behaviour change by participants;
  2. Must be able to demonstrate how success will be measured (quantifiable) in terms of waste reduction and skills learnt;
  3. The breadth and scale of community involvement in the project;
  4. The ability of the applicant to deliver the project;
  5. The likelihood of the project becoming self-sustaining.
  6. A comprehensive budget that:
    1. Gives details of the estimated costs and funding sources;
    2. Includes all costs, not just the costs the applicant is seeking a waste levy grant for;
    3. Is accurate in all budget calculations and projections.

WNWNF - Community Category