Development Contribution Fees

The following fees are based on the Asset Schedules that form part of the Council’s Development Contributions Policy (PDF file, 3.0 MB). The Development Contributions Policy is reviewed every three years, with the Asset Schedules reviewed and adjusted annually.

Please note: an additional fee will be charged if paying by credit card or paywave. Manawatu District Council does not receive any part of this fee.

Fee Description Fee ($)
Based on Revised Asset Schedules for 2022-23 yearGST Inclusive
Feilding Residential (per unit of demand) 26,207.00
Rural Residential (per unit of demand) 7,926.00
Non-residential activity is based on the fees below and are applied using the factors detailed in the Development Contribution Policy.
These fees (GST inclusive) are made up of:
Parks - per unit of demand (district wide) 2,751.00
Roading - per unit of demand (district wide) 5,175.00
Stormwater - per unit of demand (district wide) 9,311.00
Water - per unit of demand (district wide) 2,709.00
Wastewater - per unit of demand (district wide) 6,261.00