Development Contribution Fees

The Development Contribution fees stated below have been set by Council under the authority of the Local Government Act 2002 and are aligned with the Council's Development and Financial Contributions Policy 2023.

Fees are GST inclusive.

Activity Fee ($)
 Charge per HUE*
Feilding Urban2,612.00
Feilding Intensification Area 1,698.00
Rural and Villagesn/a
Feilding Urban6,420.00
Feilding Intensification Area4,173.00
Rural and Villagesn/a
Feilding Urban9,955.00
Feilding Intensification Area6,471.00
Rural and Villagesn/a
Feilding Urban2,356.00
Feilding Intensification Area2,356.00
Rural and Villages2,356.00
Transport Infrastructure 
Feilding Urban4,999.00
Feilding Intensification Area4,999.00
Rural and Villages4,999.00
*Household Unit Equivalent