LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:01/05/2024
Date Responded:23/05/2024
Requested Information:Information about fast track approval applications and discussions

The ManawatÅ« District Council has neither been invited to make, nor has submitted, an application for a project to be considered for addition to Schedule 2 of the Fast Track Approvals Bill.  The Council currently has no intent to submit an application.   

The ManawatÅ« District Council has not applied to, or had communication with, any of the Ministers or MPs listed in the request in respect to having a project considered for inclusion in the Fast-Track Approvals Bill.   

In respect to communications with 'any member of parliament', the ManawatÅ« District Council did make a submission to the Environment Select Committee on the Fast Track Approvals Bill on 19 April 2024.  This submission is not yet available on the Parliament website and has therefore been included as potentially being within the scope of your request, Manawatu_District_Council_Submission_-_Fast-track_Approvals_Bill_2024.zip