Plan Change 45 - Feilding Residential Rezoning

The purpose of Plan Change 45 is to manage residential growth in Feilding and introduce a more directive approach to coordinate urban development in and on the periphery of Feilding. Plan Change 45 rezones three of the five growth areas identified in the Framework Plan from rural land to residential land. Two Residential (Deferred) Zones are proposed for parts of the three growth areas.

[Operative - 20th April 2015]

Plan Change Status
Decision: 1/09/2014
Commissioner Hearing: 4/06/2014
Further Submissions Closed: 21/11/2013
Further Submissions Opened: 7/11/2013
Submissions Closed: 18/10/2013
Notified: 22/08/2013


Public Notice - PDF file (188.7 KB)

Operative Plan Change 45 - PDF file (10.7 MB)

Operative Maps - PDF file (12.2 MB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report - PDF file (931.1 KB)

Hearing Commissioner's Decision - PDF file (647.8 KB)

Feilding Growth Plan Change - PDF file (1.6 MB)

Appendix 2B1 Feilding Growth Road Cross Sections - PDF file (489.4 KB)

Subdivision Design Guide - PDF file (6.0 MB)

Precinct 1 Structure Plan - PDF file (1.3 MB)

Precinct 2 Structure Plan - PDF file (1.4 MB)

Precinct 3 Structure Plan - PDF file (413.4 KB)

Final MWH Report - PDF file (12.1 MB)