LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:02/01/2024
Date Responded:01/02/2024
Requested Information:Request all information held by the Council regarding Ursula Developments resource consent for LOT 2 DP 90439. Resource consent and decision for LOT 1 DP 326645 LOT 1 DP 432707.
Here is a link to the information you have requested – LG_2235_Documents_for_release.zip
Lot 2 DP 90439 - There are no associated land use consents for this lot 
Lot 1 DP 326645 - the following land use consents are associated with this lot 
LC8124 - to relocate a garage from 2 Satori Way to 4A Satori Way 
LC3648 - to waive a dwelling restriction on Awahuri Road being Lot 1 DP 81434 (this is the parent title that was subdivided in 3 stages) 
I have also included DP 318658 for your information.  This file is stage 1 of SB4303 and includes the original application and supporting documentation for all of the eight-lot subdivision granted on 29 October 2002.  DP 326645 is stage 2 which created Lot 1 and 2 DP 326645. 
Lot 1 DP 432707 - There are no associated land use consents for this lot 
Please note that our records show none of these applications were made in the name of Ursula Developments.  We do not have any applications under this name.