LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:27/07/2022
Date Responded:04/08/2022
Requester Name:Caroline Smith
Requested Information:

​Caroline Smith has come in she would like a copy of the report Lawrence did for CCR71764 email out to her



​I refer to your official information request dated 27 July 2022.

The information you have requested is below, the photos are available via this link - LG_2093_Photos.pdfThe link will expire after 7 days so please remember to save any documents you wish to have continued access to.  We recommend that this link is opened on a PC.

The contact centre transaction 71764 relating to this flooding complaint included the following information recorded by the Building Control Officer:

21 JUL 2022 - 02:54p.m. - Lawrence Erihe

Visited 54 Willoughby Street, Halcombe in ref to CCR from Caroline Smith.

No areas of flooding could be identified at the time of observation.

During the observation however I identified that the open drain along Levin Street and Ingham runs to the rear of the stated properties, had a large volume of water running through it from the neighbouring paddocks and runoff from Levin street.

Rung Carolina at 1.41pm, with no reply, however left a message to confirm which property address was affected, as the only paddock area is 7 Levin Street, which is adjacent to Ingham Street open drain running adjacent to this property and is at the rear of properties.

I observed no open drain on the Willoughby Street access.

Photo evidence of the area captured and upload by Rachel Wisnewski (FOH)

Water sump located in the vicinity and the assumption is that the current size cannot handle the volume of water that passes through it.

No further action from Building Service.

The matter has been referred to the Infrastructure Team for further investigation relating to the drains.