LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:14/11/2023
Date Responded:08/12/2023
Requested Information:Information and communications regarding work done at 266 Puke Puke Road
I refer to your official information request dated 14 November 2023. 
The information you have requested is below and in the following link -  266_Puke_Puke_Road.zip 
1. From Jan 2017 to Jan 2023, all communication with the Manawatu District Council (MDC) regarding changes to the property at 266 Puke Puke Road.  
Please refer to the attached files  
2. From Jan 2017 to Jan 2013, all communication with the MDC regarding all site visits and approvals for works done to the property with particular note to the re-piling that took place in 2019.  
Please refer to the attached files  
3. A copy of all reports, sign offs and MDC held data held on the system files AND emails from MDC and the owners of the property at the time AND builders, engineers and other professionals that would have been required to re-pile the property.  
These have been attached to the relevant building consent and permitted boundary consent.    
4. I would like all this information to include (albeit names redacted) all signs of a personal relationship between members of the MDC, the property owners at the time and any professional associated with the job e.g. builders, engineers, plumbers, electricians etc 
To the best of our knowledge and by the emails attached, there appears to be no personal relationship between those mentioned in your question.  
Please also explain any relevant caveats that should be kept in mind when analysing this information.
To note:  This property contributes to the Oroua Downs Drainage District. Please contact Manawatu District Council for the location of the drains. There is a 15-metre clearance that must be kept on either side of the drain. This drain may not be built over. 
Council is not responsible for any caveats attached to the title.  You will need to complete a title search through Land Information New Zealand to see if there is any relevant to your property. There are no consent notices associated with the Record of Title.