LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:10/01/2024
Date Responded:19/01/2024
Organisation:Tasman Democracy
Requested Information:How much council Debt at the end of last financial year? Current maximum limit for debit? Intention to increase amount of debt in future, by how much and what timeframe? How many people live in the area that Council manage and from how many rating units does council collect rates.

The information you have requested is below. 

1. How much debt has the Council had at the end of the last financial year?  

$93,838 M as at 30 June 2023. -= see page 149 of Annual Report on website  

2. What is the Council's current maximum limit for debt?  

Local Government Funding Agency Debt Limit $121,926 M 

Self-imposed limit as per financial strategy $116,926 M  

3. Does the Council has intentions (for example plans, drafts, resolutions, discussions) to increase the amount of debt in the future? And if yes, by how much in what timeframe?  

Annual Plan 2024-25 has a closing debt balance of $105,203 M  

Long Term Plan 2024-34 is yet to be finalised   

4. How many people live in the area that the Council manages?  

Population estimate is 33,900  

5. From how many rating units does the Council collect rates?  

15,155 rating units as at 1/7/2023