LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:08/02/2024
Date Responded:21/02/2024
Requested Information:Information around active dune management and investment Foxton Beach, Himatangi Beach, Tangimoana, Waikawa Beach and Turakina
Further to my email of 16 February 2024 advising that we have partially transferred your request to Horowhenua District Council, Horizons Regional Council and Massey University.  I have today also partially transferred your request to Rangitikei District Council as they deal with Turakina. 

In these circumstances, we are required by section 12 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act to transfer your request.  
You will hear further from Rangitikei District Council concerning that part your request.   

The information you have requested regarding Himatangi Beach is below.  

Himatangi Beach dune management overview: 


Manawatu District Council 

Horizons Regional Council 

Massey University  

Key Challanges: 

Dune blowouts resulting from motorised vehicles, sand buildup and lack of vegetation cover. 

Sustainable supply of coastal native vegetation – Spinifex and pingao 

Education for users 

Sustainable supply of spinifex – difficult to grow at a large scale 

Financial contributions: 

Drone surveying of dune blowout areas – plan to do approx every 5 years 

Planting and planting prep – annual planting of dune blow outs using spinifex and some marram grasses – annual cost of 5k for last 3 years. 

Fencing – 10k initial and 2k every 2 years to maintain fencing 

Moving and depositing driftwood build up on the dune toe - $1500 annually