LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:08/05/2024
Date Responded:22/05/2024
Requested Information:Refreshments cost during long term plan
The information you have requested is below and in the following link -  LG2267_Documents_for_release.zip
1. How much has your council budgeted for refreshments/food for elected members during your public hearings into your 2024-34 long term plan? 
No specific amount was budgeted, as the catering costs for the public hearings came out of the Council’s annual budget for catering ($15,084). 
2. If your council also feeds staff members meals during this time, how many staff members approximately? 
Approximately 6 – 10 staff members. 
3. A copy of the menu/list of what food will be/has been provided, and on which day.  
Food came mostly from the supermarket, see receipts in link. In total: 
02 May  
• $188.13 (Pizza Hut) dinner for elected members and staff 
• $63.36 (fruit and cordial)  
03 May 
• $183.66 (lunch)  
06 May 
• $106.15 (lunch) 
• $77.46 (fruit, biscuits etc) 
• $25.17 (ice creams and kitchen scissors) 
4. An explanation of how kai choices were made (e.g. if health was taken into consideration and if councillors had a say in what made it onto the menu) and if the company preparing the food is owned by people who live in your district or city. 
The catering, aside from Pizza Hut, was done inhouse by staff members. 
When catering, officers focus predominantly on keeping costs down and providing variety. The Friday and Monday lunches included some home cooking from one of our staff members (ingredients funded from Council’s budget) for example.