LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:09/05/2024
Date Responded:24/05/2024
Requested Information:Camping ground licences issued in last 3 years

Camping Ground  2021/2022  2022/2023  2023/2024                 Ownership  

Camp Rangi Woods   

97 Churchill Drive Pohangina 

✔✔✔ Regional Council owned land, leased to Camp Rangi Woods Trust 

Feilding Holiday Park Limited  

66 Arnott St Feilding 

✔✔✔Privately owned & operated 

Himatangi Beach Holiday Park  

30 Koputara Road Himatangi 

✔✔✔Council lease land privately operated including assets  

Awastone Mangaweka Adventure Co Ltd  

143 Ruahine Rd Mangaweka  

✔✔✔Privately owned & operated 

Brooklyne Motel & Caravan Park  

34 Dundas Rd Sanson 

✔✔✔Privately owned & operated  

Tangimoana Motor Camp  

11Kuku St Tangimoana  

✔✔✔Council owned land & assets but leased to private operator