Sandbags available to residents impacted by flooding

Due to the weather forecast for the week, Council has purchased 5000 sandbags and 10 tonne of sand, which will be delivered to Victoria Park today.

These will be made available to residents who have previously experienced flooding of their dwellings or shed/garages. We will have a staff member on site to hand out sandbags until 6:00pm this evening. Some things to note:

1. You will be required to fill your own sandbags, so please bring your own shovel.

2. If you are elderly or incapacitated and unable to collect and/or fill your own sandbags, please contact Council on 06 323 0000. Our team will do a needs assessment with you to determine what assistance can be provided.

3. Sandbags are most effective for diverting moving water away from buildings. It doesn’t guarantee a water-tight seal, so you may need to purchase your own polyurethane sheets.

4. Council are making these sandbags available to residents as a best endeavours approach, and we accept no liability for any damages caused by flooding if the sandbags are ineffective in protecting your property.

Instructions on how to effectively use sandbags can be found at this link here (PDF file, 1.7 MB).