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District Plan

The District Plan has been operative since 1 December 2002. District Plans, which are a legal requirement under the Resource Management Act, place controls on land use and subdivisions. They specify particular environmental outcomes that Council should aim for.

This document contains the District Plan's policies and rules. The accompanying document contains a series of planning maps. Hard copies of both documents can be purchased from the Council.

Operative District Plan - Part 1 & Part 2

  Contents Page (160KB pdf)
  Cover Page, Public Information - Statutory Acknowledgements of the Crown (163KB pdf)

Part 1 - Reviewed

  Chapter 1: Introduction (840KB pdf)
  Chapter 2: Definitions (483KB pdf)
  Chapter 3: District-Wide Rules (2MB pdf) (3A: Network Utilities, 3B: Transport, 3C: Noise, 3D: Earthworks, 3E: Signs, 3F: Temporary Activities, 3G: Relocated Buildings, 3H: Boarding, Breeding & Training Kennels)
  Chapter 4: Historic Heritage (377KB pdf)
  Chapter 8: Subdivision (1MB pdf) (Growth Precinct 4)
  Chapter 9: Designations (784KB pdf)
  Chapter 10: Business Zones (7MB pdf)
  Chapter 15: Residential Zone (424KB pdf) (Growth Precinct 4)
  Chapter 16: Industrial Zones (2MB pdf)

Part 2 - Generation 1 District Plan

  Contents Page (343KB pdf)
  Plan Strategy
  Section 1: Matters of Importance [DELETED PC55] (471KB pdf)
  Section 2: Significant Resource Management Issues (421KB pdf)
  Section 3: Heritage Values [DELETED PC46] (475KB pdf)
  Section 4: Managing Land Use Effects (1MB pdf)
  Section 5: Subdivision (889KB pdf)
  Section 6: Esplanade Management (691KB pdf)
  Section 7: Financial Contributions (484KB pdf)
  Section 8: Natural Hazards (1MB pdf)
  Section 9: Energy, Water Use, Air Quality (469KB pdf)
  Section 10: Utilities [DELETED PC55] (476KB pdf)
  Section 11: Cross-Boundary Issues (523KB pdf)
  District Rules
  Rule A: General (678KB pdf)
  Rule B1, B2, B3: Residential, Village, Rural Zones (547KB pdf)
  Rule B4: Business Zone (446KB pdf)
  Rule B6: Recreation Zone (434KB pdf)
  Rule B7: Flood Channel Zones (466KB pdf)
  Rule B8: Manfeild Park Zone (467KB pdf)
  Rule B9: Special Development Zone (456KB pdf)
  Rule C1: Status of Subdivisions (441KB pdf)
  Rule C2: Zone Standards - Subdivision (665KB pdf)
  Rule C3: Esplanade Management (429KB pdf)
  Rule D: Financial Contributions (433KB pdf)
  Appendix 1: Heritage Places (420KB pdf)
  Appendix 2 [DELETED PC55] (374KB pdf)
  Appendix 3: Airports/Noise/Pig Farming (1MB pdf)
  Appendix 4 [DELETED PC46] (470KB pdf)
  Appendix 5: Rural Subdivision Nodes (397KB pdf)
  Appendix 6: Land Subject to Inundation (1MB pdf)
  Appendix 7B: Ohakea Height Control (754KB pdf)
  Appendix 8: Manfeild Park, Special Development Zones (1MB pdf)
  Appendix 9: Structure Plan Growth Precincts (676KB pdf)
  Appendix 10: Subdivision Design Guide (5MB pdf)
  Statutory Acknowledgements
  Schedule 1: Statutory Acknowledgements (5MB pdf)

Zone Maps

  Zone Maps: Original (13MB pdf)
  Zone Maps: Feilding Town Centre (985KB pdf)
  Zone Maps: Industrial Area (6MB pdf)
  Zone Maps: Growth Precinct 4 (4MB pdf)

(Important Note: The planning maps which apply to the Feilding Town Centre have been updated. For the most recent zone information please refer to the Feilding Town Centre maps above).

To view these documents you will need Adobe Reader. Click here to download and install it for free.